Friday, 29 December 2017

Christmas 2018

I am seriously bad at this blogging melarky. Every time I try and blog something happens - usually my phone playing up and not posting my post, or most recently a new pup which has stopped almost all crafting.

Anyway this week I have been a good girl and Santa has brought me a full set of copic pens and several digi stamps to colour.

Between the upheaval that is christmas and family visiting I have not managed to do much  however I did manage a little on Christmas day.
Below is what I managed to get done. I do love how it is turning out even if it is taking me forever and 8 colours to do each berry.
The digital stamp is berry it by power poppy stamps. If you have not stopped by to their website you should, as the have fantastic flower stamps.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

New day, new blog

Hi all hope you are well.

Glorious day here in Scotland, and i thought i would start my new blog while sitting with my feet up basking in one of the few days of sun we seem to have had this year.

I decided to start a new blog as my old one didnt seem to fit with life as it is now. It was dedicated to only my cross stitch hobbies and due to the different phases i go through , could often end up with no posts for quiet some time.

This new blog however will be dedicated to all my crafty hobbies, wither thats my colouring books, card making, soap making or my love of cross stitch.

I hope you enjoy following along with my blog and enjoy seeing my crafty wips and creations.